About Us

Combined Preschools of Southern Grampians (CPSG) is an Early Years Management organisation that is responsible for the enrolments and service delivery at eight kindergartens across the Shire of Southern Grampians.

As the Approved Provider of the service, CPSG has ultimate responsibility and accountability for service quality, management and regulatory compliance (under the Educational and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations, Early Years Management Policy Framework and Kindergarten Funding Guide.

Our role is to implement legislation, key decision making, employment and management of all staff, professional development, strategic planning, financial management, facility management, pedagogical support, quality assurance and enrolments.

CPSG is a not-for-profit incorporated association, and is therefore the legal entity responsible for conducting all business of CPSG and complying with all laws, and regulations.

CPSG is bound by a Constitution which sets out the purpose and rules of the association, as well as the roles and responsibilities of our Board of Management and members. A copy of the Constitution is available on our website.

early years management

Early Years Management (EYM) organisations (formerly known as Kindergarten Cluster Management (KCM) organisations), EYM organisations provide leadership and management to funded community-based kindergarten services.

As an EYM, CPSG works collaboratively with EYM partners such as the Department of Education and Training (DET), Southern Grampians Shire Council, families and Parent Advisory Groups (PAGs) to deliver improved outcomes for children, and to ensure service delivery is guided by the EYM outcomes.

As an EYM, CPSG:

  • Ensures that the work of CPSG and the services it delivers match the purpose and mission.
  • Ensures the Policies and Procedures of the organisation are current and applied.
  • Oversees the implementation of the Strategic Plan and Service Improvement Plan (SIP) to ensure CPSG remains viable.
  • Receives all DET funding on behalf of kindergartens and is responsible for reporting and accountabilities to DET.
  • Ensures CPSG is financially sustainable to support service delivery at all kindergartens by undertaking responsibility for the financial management required to support the strategic management of all resources, including DET funding, parent fees and fundraising.
  • Employs, manages and develops staff including all kindergarten staff, the Executive Officer, administrative and education support staff, and includes management of all payroll and leave entitlements.
  • Engages with the local community to gain a broad understanding of the needs that relate to the services we manage, and working with local government, schools and other service providers to plan for and provide responsive services.
  • Works continuously to drive improvement through performance monitoring of framework outcomes of sustainable and responsive services, access and participation, quality and innovation, highly skilled and collaborative workforce, strong partnerships.

To deliver the highest quality early childhood education and care to children and their families that reflects their individual communities.

CPSG’s role is to ensure the delivery of accessible, affordable, inclusive early childhood education.

We encourage each kindergarten to develop and maintain an individual identity and educational program that reflects their community by:

  • Being an organisation with strong governance foundations to provide seamless administration processes.
  • Being an employer of choice, supporting staff to provide progressive,stimulating and nurturing educational programs that reflect best practice.
  • Building strong partnerships with families, sites and stakeholders.