Coleraine & District Kindergarten


(03) 5575 2359


3 and 4-year-old kindergarten
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8:45 am to 1:45 pm

about us

Coleraine & District Kindergarten is located about 20 minutes west of Hamilton. The Kindergarten is surrounded by two outdoor play areas which are used to engage different parts of the children’s minds and to create curiosity in their environment. We pride ourselves on our engagement with our local community and we can be regularly seen exploring our town and interacting with the locals in a range of settings.

We regularly visit the Wannon Hostel, creating inter-generational play between our senior citizens and our young citizens, which is a benefit for both. We regularly interact with both our local Primary schools to encourage a sense of belonging for the children in their future school settings.

our philosophy

At Coleraine and District Kindergarten, we pride ourselves on working with the child, the family and the wider community to create a sense of belonging. As Educators, we are able to teach and encourage our children to take ownership of their actions through acceptance and resilience, developing a sense of empathy and the growing need to be independent through self-regulation. Through our program we explore a need for creativity and a thirst for knowledge.

Our program is play-based and led by the child having the right to make their own decisions and be involved in their learning. We actively work on strengthening our relationships with our local schools through early transitions and regular visits.

This, paired with learning about personal beliefs and respecting the beliefs of others, will give the children a chance to develop the tools to be ready to start their life’s adventure.

“The greatest gift we can give children for their transition to school and their success in later life is courage to face the world with a high self-esteem, a genuine interest in learning and the ability to make the most of their own unique skills and attributes”.