Penshurst Kindergarten


(03) 5576 5298


Laura Hill


3 and 4-year-old kindergarten
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
8:50 am to 1:50pm

about us

Situated in the historic township of Penshurst at the base of Mount Rouse, the kindergarten is located in landscaped grounds with an excellent outdoor play area.

The preschool offers a combined three and four year old program, with a local bus now available to transport some of the children to kinder (children must be aged 4 to ride on the school bus).

our philosophy

We aspire to create welcoming spaces to enrich the lives and identities of all children and families participating in our setting. Focusing on the interests and abilities of each child, our environment will be vibrant and flexible and one that supports learning. We will promote both an indoor and outdoor learning environment and promote children’s understanding of the natural world.

Relationships are one of the main focuses of our philosophy here at Penshurst Preschool. When we have strong relationships, we can support the development and overall wellbeing of children. Through building strong relationships children develop confidence and the feeling of being valued. We also foster relationships with families and recognise the importance collaboration plays on the child’s learning.

We encourage the children to be active participants in our community. Providing opportunities for children to connect with others and become aware of fairness, respect, diversity and belonging will be implemented in our everyday practices and routines.

We acknowledge children’s learning as being dynamic, complex and holistic. We take into consideration the physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic aspects of learning and believe they are all interwoven and interrelated. We adopt a play-based learning approach and value the vital skills children gain from being active participants in such an approach. Play allows individuals to express personality and uniqueness, enhances curiosity and creativity, fosters connections between new and prior understandings, builds on relationships and promotes a sense of wellbeing. We provide practices and relationships that have a significant effect on children’s involvement and success in learning and work alongside the learning framework to achieve such success.

Children are connected first to their families and we therefore view children in context of their families. We listen to families and children and respectfully include everyone’s perspective when making decisions. Being united is an important part of moving forward with the same goals our parent advisory group support this.

We respectfully acknowledge the contribution of the past and present occupants of our land by providing opportunities for children to learn about Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander culture. We acknowledge the convention on the rights of the child and recognize the important role we play in participating with families and children to advocate their rights and ensure a fair and equitable approach to all.