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There are many transitions a child faces in their life.  Simple things such as transitioning from inside to outside play, along to major transitions like moving from a cot to a bed or kindergarten to primary school.  These can be exciting times full of wonder but also times of uncertainty for children.

At Combined Preschools of Southern Grampians, we see and value the importance of a smooth transition from kindergarten to school, but also understand how important the transition from home to kindergarten is.


Our Educators work with children and their families to ensure the transition into kindergarten is taken at the child’s pace.  It is important to us that each child feels safe, supported and included in their new environment.

If a child is struggling with the transition into kindergarten, the Educators will seek the support of our Transition Support Worker (TSW). The TSW will spend time getting to know your child and will help to support them as they become familiar with the kindergarten environment. Working alongside the Educators and families, the TSW will devise a plan with strategies to help support a child with any needs they have to ensure a great start to their early years’ education.

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Our kindergarten staff take an holistic view of the child when they are transitioning from kindergarten to school. 

Research suggests that children who have a positive start to school are more likely to engage in their learning and school life.  Strong partnerships with our local schools and Foundation Teachers, ensure positive transitions for children as they move into primary school.

  • All children experience basic transitions throughout a kindergarten session.  Educators plan for flexible routines to help children cope and often use songs and fun ways to help them move from one activity to the next (such as inside to outside play).  At CPSG, we promote similar positive experiences for children as they transition from kindergarten into Primary School.  
  • Educators focus on developing the each child’s independent self-care skills and resilience, to ensure they are capable and ready to move on to school.
  • Our Educators and staff view transition as a process, not an event.  We plan ahead, taking into consideration the concerns of children and their families.  Positive  transition is an important aspect for the wellbeing of children.
  • Educators engage in the Transition Partnership Network where they collaborate and work alongside the Foundation Teachers from local schools to ensure a smooth transition process for all children. Professional conversations, transition statements and collaborative plans are made to best support each child throughout the process.
  • Transition dates are coordinated within the Transition Partnership Network to ensure there is little disruption to kindergarten routines.  This ensures that all children are participating in their “Step into Prep” Transition Days at the same time.
  • Kindergarten Educators and Foundation Teachers work together, transfer assessments, reports and learning journeys to ensure a thorough handover. This in turn, supports the child in their new school environment and helps to ensure a trusting relationship between child and teacher.

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If a child is not quite ready to take the next step into school, another year of kindergarten (known as second year of funded kindergarten) may be more beneficial, especially if the child will achieve better outcomes at kindergarten than if they go to school and the  kindergarten program is deemed to be the most appropriate learning program for the child.

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