Staff Handbook

To ensure CPSG’s success in accomplishing its mission, the CPSG Staff Handbook has been prepared to provide you with a solid understanding of our mission, vision, policies, and your responsibilities as an employee.  It has been prepared to make you aware of what you can expect from working with CPSG – and what we expect from you.  The site is regularly updated and contains important information, links to educational policies and procedures, forms, templates, resources, etc.

We recommend you bookmark this page to your computer homepage.  Please make yourself familiar with the contents and refer back to it frequently.

The CPSG Staff website site sits within the public website, but is hidden from public view.  The password to the Staff Website will be changed periodically and staff will be notified.

Please also make yourself familiar with the public pages of the website so you can refer families to the appropriate information, resources and enrolment information.

We expect that you will provide a high degree of professionalism, commitment and dedication to achieve the aims and objectives of CPSG as set out in our Code of Conduct, the ECA Code of Ethics and CPSG policies and procedures.

CPSG strives to provide a culture of continuous learning, and a culture rich in open communication based on respectful relationships. It is important to us that you feel valued.  We want you to ‘belong’ and know that you are a valued educator in our team.



CPSG Office

Western AG Building

236 Coleraine Road, Hamilton\


Telephone:                                      03 5579 5920

Provider Approval:                                    PR-00001859

Incorporation No.:                                     A0037326A

ABN:                                                             26 509 932 904