Parent Advisory Groups (PAGs)

The role of the Parent Advisory Group (PAG) has changed significantly since the introduction of the Early Years Management Policy Framework and Operating Guidelines.  Parents are no longer expected to be involved in the day-to-day management of the kindergarten, but rather provide a voluntary support role for educators.

Management of the kindergarten is the responsibility of CPSG.  But there will often be times where parents will be consulted to gain valued input into the educational program, quality improvement and policy review. 

PAGs are important in establishing and building a sense of community, promoting and representing the kindergarten within the local community, supporting staff and other families and helping to maintain the kindergarten grounds. PAGs can plan and carry out (with CPSG approval) fundraising activities to support kindergarten improvements and activities.

Having an established and involved PAG ensures that families are included in service decision making and recognised as the first and most influential people in their children’s lives.

Staff at each service, as well as other service staff, work closely with the PAG to set objectives, share CPSG communications and ensure that families are encouraged and supported to become engaged in their service.


  • Providing feedback from families accessing the services
  • Contributing to the objectives of the kindergarten and CPSG
  • Contributing to the development and review of policies
  • Contributing to the decision that affects opportunities for families to be involved in the kindergarten program
  • Communicating any parent or community issues or concerns regarding the delivery of the kindergarten program to CPSG
  • Providing input into the future planning of the kindergarten.

Further information about the role of Parent Advisory Groups is available in the Parent Advisory Group Manual (available on the right).